ESA Webinars


1. Assoc Professor John Archer “MRI lesions in epilepsy” – March 7
Chair: Dr David Vaughan
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2. Professor Nigel Jones “Basic Science talk – topic to be announced” – August 14
Chair: Dr Pablo Cassillas-Espinosa

3. Dr Hugh Simpson “Neurostimulation in Epilepsy: VNS, DBS, RNS and beyond” – September 25
Chair: Dr Linda Dalic

4. Professor Richard Leventer – “Cortical Dysplasia: Update of Classification and Genetics” – October 23
Chair: Dr Emma MacDonald-Laurs

5. Professor Michael Hillibrand “Mosaicism in Focal Epilepsy” – November 28
Chair: Assoc Professor Piero Perucca


  1. A better path: Improving outcomes for people with new-onset seizures and epilepsy - Dr Emma Foster.
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  2. The lived experience of epilepsy surgery: Sarah Wilson and Sarah Brown 18th May 2023
    Chair: Honor Coleman
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  3. How to make the most practical use of the Atlas of Critical Care EEG: Michael Fong 8th August 2023
    Chair:  Joshua Laing
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  4. “Medical Disease Modifying Treatment – the future?”: Dr Pablo Casillas Espinosa Oct 18th 2023
    Chair:  Patrick Kwan
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  5. "Can cardiac-based mechanisms cause sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) in some epilepsy patients?": Chris Reid 22nd November 2024.
    Chair: Sam Berkovic
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  1. Insights in to seizure networks in people with epilepsy – Dr David Vaughan – Wed April 27th
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  2. Solving the Genetics of Common Epilepsies. Professor Sam Berkovic - Wed 1st June
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  3. Drug Resistance in epilepsy: can we change the game? Professor Patrick Kwan – Wed 27th July
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  4. The updated fitness to drive guidelines – what you need to know. Dr Ernie Somerville – Thursday 8th September
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  5. Generic substitutions in epilepsy: smoke or fire? Professor Emilio Perucca - Wed 19th October
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  1. Neurocognitive assessment in epilepsy – Genevieve Rayner – Wednesday 24th Feb - Download Seminar

  2. Localising the epileptogenic zone with seizure semiology - insights from SEEG – Andrew Neal Tuesday 27th April Download Seminar

  3. Dietary therapies for epilepsy - Neha Kaul: Wednesday 7th July Download Seminar

  4. SUDEP – Piero Perucca: Tuesday 7th Sept Login in as a member to download.

  5. What adult epileptologists need to know about Epileptic and Developmental Encephalopathies – Linda Dalic: Thursday 14th Octobe Login in as a member to download.


1. Transparent terminology: the key to epilepsy classification - Ingrid Scheffer Wednesday 22nd April - Download Seminar

2. Status Epilepticus Update – Patrick Carney Tuesday 16th June - Download Serminar

3. Women and Epilepsy – Lata Vadlamudi Wednesday 19th August - Login in as a member to download.

4. Epilepsy Surgery: when to refer? – Simon Harvey Thursday 15th October

5. Medicinal Cannabis – John Lawson16th September - Download Serminar

All webinars will take place live at 6 pm AEST

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