EEG and Epilepsy Training

Each year in early February the ANZAN and ESA hold a Clinical Epilepsy and EEG Course, alternating between Sydney and Melbourne every two years.  The Clinical Epilepsy Course and EEG Course are intended for neurology trainees but practising neurologists and epileptologists will find them both instructive and a good update. Registrants may elect to attend one or both courses.

The Clinical Epilepsy Course is a one-day, case-based workshop focusing on the practical management of paediatric and adult patients with epilepsy.  Participants will discuss each case in small groups under the leadership of an epileptologist, followed by a short didactic summary by the presenter. The course focus alternates each year between common epilepsy issues encountered in the outpatient clinic and hospital based in-patients.

The EEG Course provides a theoretical and practical background to the reading and reporting of routine adult and paediatric EEG. The format consists of four 90 minute sessions each day, each starting with a 30 minute didactic lecture followed by a 60 minute, small group, active-participation tutorial where EEG examples will be demonstrated and discussed under the direction of an experienced EEG tutor. Topics include basic technical aspects of EEG, the normal awake and asleep EEG, and epileptiform and non-epileptiform abnormalities in adults and children. The course also includes a lecture and tutorial session on ictal EEG and EEG in the ICU which runs in in parallel with the main ANZAN EEG course and is available to neurology trainees who have previously attended the course, or neurologists. In addition trainees who have previously attended the course, and neurologists, will be able to sit part 1 (written) and part 2 (oral) of the Asian Epilepsy Academy (ASEPA) EEG certification exam which is now an expected part of level 2 and level 3 ANZAN neurophysiology training in EEG (see subsection on ASEPA exam on this website).


Information on Part 1 ASEPA EEG Certification Exam 2022 (pdf)