Epilepsy Nurse Special Interest Group of Australasia (ENSIGA)

This national, special interest group was formed in Nov 2003, under the umbrella of the Epilepsy Society of Australia, to help link epilepsy nurses and other professionals working in epilepsy related areas. The aim is for members to come together and share experiences, to participate in further education and learn of new directions in the field of epilepsy. With members from all over Australia and New Zealand and with some Australians linking in from other parts of the world, the group keeps in contact via the annual ENSIGA symposium, email and the official newsletter, CORTEXT.

The annual ENSIGA symposium occurs as part of the ESA scientific meeting and provides a forum for Epilepsy nurses to present their current work in a series of short presentations as well as guest speakers to speak on a variety of interesting topics.

For any enquiries about any aspect of the group please contact Lisa Todd on ensiga@epilepsy-society.org.au